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Apr 25, 2010 1:00pm EDT
to go live to west virginia. president barack obama is scheduled to speak at a memorial service for the 29 call miners who died in an explosion earlier this month. we also expect some remarks from a vice president biden and the governor of west virginia. this is live coverage on c-span. >> please be seated. jason matthew atkins. [no audio] jason matthew adkins. [applause] carl "pee-wee" acorn [applause] james eddie moony [applause] joshua scott naper [applause] >> jimmy davis. [applause] >> benny r. willingham. [applause] >> gregory stephen baracbrock. [applause] >> corey thomas davis. [applause] >> stephen j. "smiling" harrah. [applause] >> nicholas mccrosky. [applause] >> christopher li bellee bell, . [applause] >> joe r. "jody" price. [applause] deward allen scott. [applause] >> grover dale sceend. [applause] >> william "griff" griffith. [applause] >> mike lee "cuz" elswick. [applause] >> howard daniels "boon" dane, kr. -- jr. [applause] >> gary wayne quarrels. [applause] >> william roosevelt lynch. [applause] >> ricky workmean. [applause] >> richard "rick" keith lang. [appl
Apr 12, 2010 2:00am EDT
clipic getting women in. i think this is a point at which virginia was saying a couple minutes ago plays in. if you are thinking about an appellate practice, there is no other kind of practice to balance it with whatever you want to balance it with. you almost always know when they are going to be due long ahead of time. you can work at them in nights and weekends, you can work at them at home. it is amazing the places now with the snet revolution and everything, it's amazing the places you can work on a brief and the times of day you can do it. so, you know, it is a fantastic practice. i think if you look at government offices that deal with, for example, the brooklyn district attorney's office, where you look at the legal defense center, women are quite well represented in that practice, because that practice the case has acome to you. so it doesn't require you to be a business getter, it requires you to be a business do-er, and this is an incredibly wonderful kind of work to do. if you like writing and research thrrk is nothing better than it. i think the supreme court practice has th
Apr 10, 2010 2:00pm EDT
, georgia, kentucky, mississippi, north carolina, oklahoma, south carolina, tennessee, texas, virginia, and west virginia. [applause] i would like to give it a big applause to all of these states because of their health is what made this possible. -- their help is what made this possible. [applause] some of you may have seen our next honored guest on line in his gut c. youtube and videos. -- his gutsy youtube videos. he called nancy pelosi and barack obama on the carpet [no audio]. this man was first elected by a special election, and overwhelmingly reelected in 2008, and things to his dedication to conservatism. he has championed ethical reforms andraditional family values. he vigorously served the people of his district on the north and south shores of lake pontchartrain, keeping communication lines open with them, holding a town hall meetings, a lead of them within his first three months of office. please give a warm welcome to congressman steven sculley -- steve scalisi. >> i wanted to welcome you all to new orleans, not just those of you from this region, but all around the south.
Apr 24, 2010 6:00am EDT
. neither did i.. [laughter] thanks to the generosity of churches in virginia, he and his parents found a home in the united states. he said he always want to be in the military and he found his calling in the united states marine corps. he is deployed to iraq and was serving his second tour when his unit was struck by an improvised explosive device. the weeks and months that followed, he battled to recover from for traumatic brain injury edit va. --va medical facility and he was sworn in as an american citizen. this morning was not only determine to recover but to help others. he has been a leader and mentor to his -- fallen warriors. he is quite an athlete. he agrees. [laughter] he will compete next month in the first warrior games of the u.s. olympic training center in colorado. for his distinguished service to country, for inspiring us all with his example of what citizenship truly means, i am proud to join the u.s. citizenship and immigration services in presenting this recognition, the outstanding american by choice award. do we have the award? [applause] with that, i would ask th
Apr 10, 2010 10:00am EDT
workplaces this is confirmed by the sad news in today's newspaper about the tragedy in west virginia. this is a disaster that has appeared to take the lives of at least 25 miners. as we open this discussion, we are mindful of the working families that are in pain. how can workers best gain a voice? that is really the theme of tonight's discussion on a labor, the left, and progressives. it strikes us this is an appropriate time to take stock of what has been done since the arrival of the obama administration 15 months ago and what remains to be done. since the new deal, unions have allied with other progressive groups in the support of the democratic party bingo that does not mean the relationship has been without approach in emphasis, so, too, is the situation today. where does labor stand now 15 minutes -- 50 months into the presidency? how can we work with other races? what role can young people play in relation to these questions? these are some of the subjects we will discuss tonight. i would like to introduce the panel to be a starting with the other end of the table with my goo
Apr 11, 2010 2:00am EDT
for republicans in virginia, in new jersey, and the state formerly known as taxachussettes has a republican member of the united states senate. [applause] look at what you have begun appearing as we say where i have come from, who would have thunk it? your enthusiasm is contagious. even republicans in congress are returning to their commitment to disappear -- to a fiscal discipline and a reform. let's be honest. three years ago, republicans in congress and did not just lose their majority, they lost their way. when i chose to oppose no child left behind and the wall street bailout, i knew that if we did not stop acting like liberals, the american people would go with the professionals, and that is what they did. we lost our way, and the american people walked away from us. but after a year, we saw every single house republican vote against that failed stimulus bill, that the budget busting the budget, that a government takeover of health care. let me tell you here in the south, republicans are back in the fight, and they are back in a fight on the right! [applause] especially when it comes to obam
Apr 25, 2010 10:30am EDT
earlier this month at the upper big branch mine in west virginia. remarks by president obama, vice president biden. you can see the ceremony later today starting at 3:30 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> i think there is a huge lack of knowledge about how this town works, how congress works. >> when you are doing research, you have to do that yourself. >> tonight, award winning historians will talk about their work, their books and the profession, and revisit their first appearances on our network. "q&a" on c-span tonight. >> the house financial-services committee tuesday lurked at the 2008 failure of lehman brothers, -- looked at the 2000 failure of lehman brothers. we begin with the testimony of the former ceo of lehman brothers, as well as a whistle- blower who was fired. later you will hear from the treasury secretary and the federal reserve chairman ben bernanke as well as the head of the securities and exchange commission. this portion is just over two hours. >> our first panelist is mr. fuld. >> mr. chairman, members of the house committee -- >> turn on your microphone. is there a
Apr 25, 2010 2:00am EDT
of oxford, and ph.d. from the university of virginia. when she was at louisville, she visited louis brandeis's grave. it is at a law school there. i just learned that a short time ago. she is a very prolific author. her works include, "the supremes -- an introduction to the united states supreme court justices," and "jacqueline kennedy -- first lady of the new frontier." this is a homecoming for her. she is currently working on a volume with a professor about the supreme court and the judicial process. please join me in welcoming prof. perry. [applause] >> thank you, mr. sheets justice for your kind introduction, and for honoring us -- thank you, mr. chief justice, for your kind introduction, and for honoring us with your presence tonight. my own mentor, henry abraham, is here this evening. he taught me everything i know about judicial appointments. his book is now in its fifth edition and is the definitive work on supreme court nominations. i would also like to thank my longtime friends, students colonies -- friends, students, and colleagues. i would like to thank our dean. you may have hea
Apr 11, 2010 10:30am EDT
. >> in washington d.c. 6-8. stuart hobson. >> looking good. >> next alexander korea virginia liles crouch elementary school. >> hello. >> and we've got a group of girl scouts from the national capital region who have been involved in health and wellness issues. welcome, ladies. >> how about the alliance for a healthier generation. >> good morning. >> and we have a number of student journalists covering this event. >> oh, goodness, the journalists. >> the professionals always in the back. >> watching. >> yes. >> and is there any person who hasn't had a chance to hand? >> make sure you stand up because your parents are watching. >> great. >> you could -- if you could begin by telling us. in the past every first lady has had a special issue. mrs. reagan was worried about drug use by young people. mrs. bush was worried about literacy. how did you come to this issue and why? >> as a mom way before we were anywhere near coming to the white house. you guys know i have these two beautiful little girls malya and sasha. they are not so little now, but i was like a lot of your parents. you know, i worked a job
Apr 19, 2010 2:00am EDT
of that argument are out there. host: zpwarey from virginia. republican line. good morning. caller: thank you. i'd like to say while i do approve of what obama is trying to do with this stimulus money, i don't approve of the way he's trying to do it. you take these stimulus funds being spent for these highway interchanges projects, i talked to chairman lahood i believe it was december or january anyway, on january 29 on cnn at 6:30 in the morning they had a project in nebraska where it was a railroad overpass, and nobody on either side of the tracks wanted it or felt they needed it. everybody just kind of enjoyed waiting for the train to go by when they got stuck at intersections. nobody had ever lost their lives there. there had never been an accident. it only gave two girls a flag jobs. and the reason -- and i told mr. lahood that there's a lot of chickenry going on. and he said he couldn't imagine that. host: mike, do you want to respond to that point? guest: well, you know, i guess highway construction brings jobs. and that's what's needed. even in a place like nebraska that is weathered the
Apr 11, 2010 1:00pm EDT
. he took up and offer similar to yours. he sat as a trial judge in the eastern district of virginia. it was a title vii employment discrimination case. he handled the trial, reached a decision, and it was promptly reversed by the fourth circuit. [laughter] the thing that infuriated him is that they did it -- they did not even have the guts to put their name on it. [laughter] lack of experience as a trial court -- by lack experience as a trial lawyer. 0-- i lack experience as a trial lawyer. sonia sotomayor has experienced. -- sonia sotomayor has experience. i would not do a criminal case. i read the transcripts of what you have to do in sentencing. i am not sure -- i know i would not like doing it, particularly with mandatory sentences where you do not have any -- i think that must be gut-wrenching work. i would like you pick a civil case, but it is not going to happen. [laughter] way in the back, yes. >> on a lighter note, what was your relationship with president bush, professionally and personally, and how did that dynamic change with the current president, based on whether the i
Apr 26, 2010 2:00am EDT
for life itself. and woven into each of their stories was the essence of a west virginia coal miner, things like courage and strength and brotherhood and family devotion and helplessness. it has been their memory. it is for your support, and it has been your honor that i stand here today. monday, april 5, in the evening hours, i arrived at the family center and started talking with each of you who were present. i can hear the eagerness in your voice longing to know the status of your loved ones. seven families were informed that very evening of their loss , and 22 others clung to that hope, that four who were unaccounted for for their loved ones. and as you remember well, that monday night was a night that was full of tremendous hurt and pain. after the governor addressed us, something happened that changed the rest of that week. we all joined hands and prayed to our heavenly father for what he alone could provide, things like peace in the midst of perplexity, things like calmness in the midst of calamity, and strength in the midst of suffering. and when a man was spoken, many of you repeat
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12